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Mike Ness "Under The Influences"

Under The Influences is an influences-driven collection of country, rock and bluegrass covers of songs that inspired Ness. He was especially inspired by the roots of American music, and his earliest influences were the pioneers of rock and roll; musicians that were scandalous and rebellious in their day. This radical essence would become his calling card, but Mike Ness would never lose the love of his roots. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. All I Can Do Is Cry
2. Gamblin' Man
3. Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing
4. I Fought The Law
5. Big Iron
6. One More Time
7. Six More Miles
8. A Theif In The Night
9. Once A Day
10. Funnel Of Love
11. House Of Gold
12. Wildwood Flower
13. Ball And Chain (Honky Tonk)