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Merauder "The Minus Years"


"The Minus Years" features Merauder's unreleased studio recordings from 1991 and 1994 as well as their hard-sought-after, debut demo that was released in 1993. For the first time, all three recordings will be available on vinyl. All tracks feature Javier "Sob" Caprio.

Track Listing:

1. Final War (demo)
2. Fear Of Sin (demo)
3. Besiege The Masses (demo)
4. Extreme Fallacy (demo)
5. Life Is Pain (demo)
6. Final War (demo)
7. Besiege The Masses (demo)
8. Crossfire
9. Life Is Pain
10. Bleed
11. Master Killer
12. Downfall Of Christ
13. Time Ends