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Mean Jeans "Blasted"


From the moment they started 15 years ago, Mean Jeans has been creating their own slime-punk fantasy world. Study their six previous album covers and you'll find junkyards full of bongs and yo-yos, macaroni galaxies, Jagermeister spaceships, alien saxophonists, and pink slugs in bondage dripping ooze. On their newest full-length album, "Blasted," the goofball trio has clearly been through wild years and seen some shit - on the cover, the three members peer out of toxic waste bins, no longer cartoons of themselves but instead incredulous, country-fried maniacs who are still following a slime-punk dream, and dealing with where it's led them. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. I Don't Give A Shit Anymore
2. Let's Go
3. Diagnosis
4. Lost My Mind
5. Blasted To The Moon
6. Something's Going On
7. Reggie
8. Taco Bell Parking Lot
9. Look What Punk's Done To You
10. Slugs
11. Break Up With You
12. Took Too Much
13. I Don't Know What I Did Last Summer
14. Living Large On A Credit Card
15. Pop Punk Casualty