State Line Records


Mark Lind & The Unloved "The Last Bastion"

Long-time Boston, MA, punk institution and Ducky Boys frontman Mark Lind returns with his first album of new music since 2013 and the first with The Unloved in a decade. As the owner and proprietor of State Line Records, Lind has assembled a band comprised of members of label bands Art Thieves, Diablogato, Michael Kane & The Morning Afters, and even The Bruisers. This is a new take on The Unloved with fresh players making their mark on a set of Mark Lind songs. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Lost
2. Chosen Ones
3. Care/Care Not
4. Voices Of Today
5. Who's To Say?
6. Out Of The Blackout
7. An Anthem For The Damned
8. That Night
9. Bridges Burned