Smelvis Records


Manic Hispanic "Back In Brown"


Manic Hispanic was formed by members whose illustrious histories have included several stints in classic bands like Adolescents, Cadillac Tramps, The Grabbers, Punk Rock Karaoke, The X-Members, 22 Jacks, Final Conflict, Agent Orange, Death By Stereo, Left Alone, and Voodoo Glow Skulls. Together they got down and recorded what was to become "Back In Brown," a collection of ten firme cover songs that hit hard like your hefas chancla when you act stupid.

Track Listing:

1. Mas Chingones
2. Holding Cell
3. Chancla Abuser
4. Naranjo
5. Teardrop On My Eye
6. Sneak In To California
7. Lowriders From Mars
8. I Want Some Chon Chon/National City
9. Mexican 'Merican
10. 21st Century Vato Loco