Dark Operative


Majority Rule / Pageninetynine "Split"

Pageninetynine winds through this release with dark, poetic experimentations unlike anything they put to tape before or after. Majority Rule delivers on the flipside as beacons of conviction and urgency via an ultra-heavy delivery that holds to this day. After numerous pressings on the original issuing label (Magic Bullet Records), this split LP finds its 2018-onward home on Dark Operative, a new company from the creative team behind the former.

Track Listing:

1. Pageninetynine - Friendship
2. Pageninetynine - Tantrum
3. Pageninetynine - Richmond Is A Hole
4. Pageninetynine - Faces Sunken By Letting Go
5. Pageninetynine - Virginia
6. Majority Rule - Not In My Name
7. Majority Rule - These Hands
8. Majority Rule - My Version Of Paris
9. Majority Rule - Packaged Poison