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Major Conflict "NYHC 1983"


Originally released on CD only in 2005, this is the first-ever vinyl release of Major Conflict's discography. Major Conflict rose from the ashes of another legendary NYHC band, Urban Waste. The LP includes their sought-after 7" EP from 1983 plus rare studio demo tracks and amazing, raw live tracks recorded at CBGBs and A7.

Track Listing:

1. Intro (Major Conflict Fight Scene) (demo)
2. The Message Of The Underground (demo)
3. Still Far Away (demo)
4. NYC (demo)
5. Stand By Your Guns (demo)
6. War On The City Streets (demo)
7. Fading Memory (demo)
8. Variety Sucks! (demo)
9. How Do You Feel
10. Outgroup
11. Not Just A Song
12. Show Announcement For World's Most Violent Club
13. No 1 Man System (live)
14. NYC (live)
15. How Do You Feel (live)
16. No Patience (live)
17. Outgroup (live)
18. Outro (Fight Scene) (demo)