TKO Records


Lower Class Brats "Tales Of The Wild, The Ugly And The Damned"


Produced by Jack Control (of World Burns To Death) at Enormous Door in Lower Class Brat's original home of Austin, TX, this album clocks in at just over 25 minutes and boasts 11 raging, sub-three-minute songs. "Tales Of The Wild, The Ugly And The Damned" is replete with the razor-edged, boot-stomping, singalong anthems that have long been the band's hallmark. Massive choruses, '70s rock 'n' roll swagger, and no shortage of antisocial mania make this yet another worthy addition into the formidable Lower Class Brats discography.

Track Listing:

1. All The Young Dudes Are Pissed (Glam Bastard II)
2. Tijuana Blonde
3. Broken Ego
4. Led Astray
5. Ghost
6. One Matchstick
7. Black And White
8. Eric's Song
9. Dangerous Minds
10. Demons
11. We Never Sleep