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Lion of Judah "Universal Peace"

Washington, DC's Lion Of Judah draws from their collective experience in past bands No Justice, Desperate Measures, and Worn Thin. In the spring of 2005, Lion Of Judah recorded their debut EP, "Soul Power," at Inner Ear Studios with legendary engineer Don Zientara manning the boards. In June of 2006, Lion Of Judah returned to Inner Ear to record this, their debut full-length, "Universal Peace."

Track Listing:

1. Preemptive Fear
2. Dirty Faces
3. Mousetrapped
4. U N' I Vs. All=PEACE
5. Muti-Luv
6. Astral Master
7. Zapp
8. Ruined
9. Sirhan's Secret
10. Licking Evil
11. B(r)ad Time (Rough Era)