Frontier Records


Lilys "A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns"

Frontier Records' third Lilys re-issue is here. This remastered edition of "A Brief History Of Amazing Letdowns" features a previously unreleased track, "G. Cobalt Franklin," replacing "Glosseder" from the original, 1994 10". The songs "Elsa," "Coby," "Timber," and "Hymn" - originally recorded in 1994 during the demoing process for "Eccsame The Photon Band" - were shelved, and then quietly released in 2000 on the long out-of-print Lilys/Aspera Ad Astra split EP.

Track Listing:

1. Ginger
2. ycjcyaqftj
3. Any Place I've Lived
4. Jenny, Andrew & Me
5. Dandy
6. G. Cobalt Franklin
7. Elsa
8. Coby
9. Timber
10. Hymn