11 PM Records


Last Affront "10 Track EP"


Going back to way things used to be, Last Affront presents us with ten fiery tracks for their debut 7". This brand-new London, England, hardcore band has been taking the '80s hardcore approach of YDI and Poison Idea, combined with more modern hardcore influences like Socialcide. Sharing members with UKHC powerhouses such as Vile Spirit, Koma, State Funeral, Lawful Killing, Imposter, and Chubby And The Gang, they are prepared to take their brand of speed-hardcore worldwide.

Track Listing:

1. Prey
2. Blood Drip
3. Home Alone
4. Through The Wall/Rotten
5. Sundown
6. Choking
7. Sanctum
8. Last Affront
9. Glass House