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Kepi And Friends "Full Moon Forever"


When Ara Babajian of The Slackers approached Kepi, vocalist of the Groovie Ghoulies, about having an all-new challenge, he jumped at the chance to work with his longtime friend and drummer hero. The record includes contributions from Ian Fowles (The Aquabats, Gerard Way), Prima Donna's Aaron Minton, and Kevin Preston (also currently playing in Green Day), and several other friends, with artwork by artist Tom Neely. "Full Moon Forever" is a great addition to Kepi's catalog, and YOUR record collection.

Track Listing:

1. Heroes
2. The Perfect Girl
3. Happy When It Rains
4. Take Care Of Me
5. Nature Boy
6. Flowers In December
7. Since You're Gone
8. Andy's Chest
9. Catch
10. Don't Worry Children
11. Cuts You Up
12. Cosmic Dancer