Irish Voodoo Records


Juggernaut "Hollow Black"

"Hollow Black" is the first full-length offering on Irish Voodoo Records from Buffalo, NY's Juggernaut, following a string of successful EPs. The band embodies '90s aggression and groove coupled with modern sensibilities to create their own unique take on current hardcore. Current and ex-members of Longest War, Herod, Dead To The World, Union, Face The Panic, G.O.A., and Wrong The Oppressor.

Track Listing:

1. Born Built Abused
2. Hours In Purgatory
3. Sacrifice For Misfortune
4. One Ear, One Eye, One Hand
5. Day Of Absolution
6. Heavy Mercy
7. Now, Damaged
8. Betterment
9. I Am Defeated
10. Hollow Black