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Joey Cape "A Good Year To Forget"


Originally known as the singer, songwriter, and founder of both Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut, Joey Cape has established himself as a recognized solo artist over the past 15 years. Written entirely in isolation in a makeshift, home recording studio at his mother's house, Joey Cape was able to create a beautiful, warm record that captures the pure essence of its songs. "A Good Year To Forget" finds the positive in the negatives to become a record of pure, triumphant beauty. Now available on vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. A Good Year To Forget
2. Nickel And Lead
3. The Poetry In Our Mistakes
4. It Could Be Real
5. Check Your Ego At The Door
6. We Might Be Wrong
7. Saturday Night Fever
8. Under The Doormat
9. Infertile Ground
10. Heavy Lies The Head
11. Fictional
12. Come Home