Safe Inside Records


Internal Affairs "No Way Out"


Internal Affairs partnered with Safe Inside Records to release "No Way Out," the career-spanning discography that will encapsulate all of the band's studio recordings from their inception in 2003 to their dissolution in 2009. Having previously released music with Malfunction Records and Deathwish, Inc., "No Way Out" features all of the tracks you know and love from the band, which have since been remastered by Nick Jett of Terror. The 2xLP is rounded out with stunning visuals from artist Linas Garsys and an in-depth booklet by Jonathon Buske, whose colorful history outside of collaborating with this band includes AFI, American Nightmare, Trash Talk, and The Nerve Agents.

Track Listing:

1. Stop Trying
2. Nothing
3. You Don't Know Me
4. Rage
5. Come Get It
6. Intro/Heroes
7. Casualty Of The Core
8. Your Jam
9. Internal Affairs
10. Mistakes
11. Go Away
12. Hide
13. Cop Out
14. What Do I Say
15. Waste Of Time/Come Get It
16. That's Right (This Is For You)
17. You Lose
18. No Way Out
19. Nothing
20. When Tigers Fight
21. You're Dead
22. Enough
23. Revenge
24. Pride
25. What Will I Say
26. Loyalty Not Royalty
27. Life's Blood
28. Failure
29. Time And Time Again
30. Imposter
31. See With My Eyes
32. Never Again
33. No More
34. No Heart
35. Bst
36. My Mind
37. #2
38. Reality Check
39. Still Alive
40. No Good Game In Hardcore
41. Fuck Yeah
42. Deadly Visions
43. Faith
44. Stage Potato
45. Judgement Day
46. Refuse
47. Real Deal
48. Guilty
49. When Lightning Strikes
50. Snakeskin
51. Night Breed
52. Live Tracks