Dark Operative


Integrity / Bleach Everything "SDK X RFTCC (Split)"

As a tribute to a 1992 split 2x7" between Septic Death and Rocket From The Crypt (limited to 100) on Septic Death vocalist Pushead's Bacteria Sour label, Integrity and Bleach Everything offer their own modern takes on both bands in the form of a split LP. With "SDK" ("Septic Death Karaoke"), Integrity utilizes some original Septic Death source material and layers their own vocal and guitar overdubs atop five of the band's classics. On "RFTCC" ("Rocket From The Crypt Covers"), Bleach Everything erects monolithic tributes to Rocket From The Crypt entirely from scratch, adding speed to "Middle," multi-part harmonies and guest vocalists (Riley Gale of Power Trip, Mike Kennerty of The All-American Rejects) to "On A Rope," psychedelia to "Sturdy Wrists," a deconstructed meditation on "I'm Not Invisible" in the form of a passage titled "Vital Signs," and the album's conclusion: a heavy, slowed-down take on "I'm Not Invisible" in all its glory, capped off by an outro from Christopher Royal King of This Will Destroy You.

Track Listing:

1. Integrity - Sweat Of A Nightmare
2. Integrity - Change
3. Integrity - Dream Silent
4. Integrity - Poison Mask
5. Integrity - Thaw (Cold World)
6. Bleach Everything - Middle
7. Bleach Everything - On A Rope
8. Bleach Everything - Sturdy Wrists
9. Bleach Everything - Vital Signs
10. Bleach Everything - I'm Not Invisible