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Instructor "Terror Zone"


Straight from the heart of downtown Brussels, Belgium, comes Instructor, a band that formed out of a group of friends who have been working hard to grow a local, DIY scene centered around the Cobra Jaune Club. As hardcore gets more and more polished, the truly meat-and-potatoes variety is becoming a rare sight, but that's exactly what you get with Instructor, with bucketloads of attitude and energy from people living and breathing the life. Recorded at Spector Studio, a DIY space where analog equipment is crafted on-site, and with artwork by the infamous hardcore artists Spoiler and "Diamond" Dave Decat, this is a snapshot of all things great from Belgium. Limited edition of 500 copies. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Crush The Defence
2. Terror Zone
3. The Joke
4. Burst Out
5. Spoil The City
6. The Quick Gain
7. Public Execution
8. Exit