Lovitt Records


Impossible 5 / Jerks "Split"

This split 7" has brought together the underworld of D.C. garage & spy rawk. The Impossible Five were frequenting the D.C. basement scene for many months and before we knew it, they were recording for this single and joining the Lovitt stable of artists. Each Impossible Five member had his specialties that he contributed to their ongoing mission; there was the reverb-drenched guitar of Jason Simon, the tommy-gun drumming of Roland Lo, the bass bombardments of Steve Kille, and the truth-speaking by Adam Krell. Their recording session for this single started on choppy waters but soon ended in a paradise of smooth sailing and exquisite mixing. When tackling "The Void," a certain ambience overcame the studio as everyone listened intently. The engineers were so lulled into the imagery of the truth-speak Mr. Krell let flow from his mouth, it took electroshock therapy to bring them back into consciousness. The Impossible Five displayed many of their tactics during these early years and we are proud to have them documented for the world to remember.The Jerks showed their alliance with The Impossible Five by teaming up for this 7". The first track, "No More Bullies," was recorded on an open reel 8-track at Record Convergence (a local record store in Fairfax, Virginia), a whirlwind session that put this classic song onto tape. The second Jerks song featured on this release is entitled "Everything's Alright." The Impossible Five sessions recorded at Sweetwood Sound, New Jersey, with Alap Momin. The Jerks sessions recorded at Convergence & The House of Tzo by T. Magsig, S.Cinca, C. Curtis.

Track Listing:

1. The Impossible Five: We Are Spies
2. The Impossible Five: The Void
3. The Jerks: No More Bullies
4. The Jerks: Everything's Alright