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Ill Repute "The 1982 Demos"


Ill Repute is one of American hardcore's longest running bands, having formed in 1981 and still going strong in 2015. Before these Nardcore legends put out their famed "Oxnard - Land Of No Toilets" 7" (1983), "What Happens Next" LP (1984) and numerous other releases on seminal hardcore punk label Mystic Records, they recorded two demos in 1982 at Goldmine Recording Studios in Ventura, CA. These two demos have never been available on vinyl before now and combine for a total of 35 tracks including the original versions of "Clean Cut American Kid," "Don't Get Used," "We'll Get Back At Them" and more. LP includes digital download.


Track Listing:

1. No Hope
2. Boot Camp
3. Death Row
4. We'll Get Back At Them
5. Greed
6. Clean Cut American Kid
7. When You Win You Lose
8. Don't Be Like Them
9. Punk Love
10. Can't Fuck Your Money
11. Judgement Day
12. In Society/Who Cares
13. I Won't Kill For You
14. Strike Back
15. Thirsty Eyes
16. P.T. Blues
17. Sluts
18. Rapid Pulse
19. Propaganda
20. Pressure
21. Why Us
22. Don't Get Used
23. Hit'n Run
24. Bad Rep
25. Takin' Care Of Biz
26. Pluto's Mad Lab
27. Who Needs You
28. In Society/Who Cares
29. Noise
30. Clean Cut American Kid
31. Monster Mash
32. Cherry Cherry
33. When You Win You Lose
34. Judgement Day
35. Count The Odds