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Iceburn "Asclepius"

"Asclepius" is the new album from the ever-evolving and adventurous collective Iceburn, who returns with their first new material in 20 years. The rawness of "Asclepius" harks back to the days of their early records (such as "Hephaestus"), and fuses elements of metal, jazz, psychedelia, and rock with a seamless flow, monolithic riffs, swirling harmonies, and a groove that are the cornerstones of their sound. "Asclepius" comprises two long-form tracks: "Healing The Ouroboros" and "Dahlia Rides The Firebird," the latter is based on an old, traditional Greek tune.

Track Listing:

1. Healing The Ouroboros
2. Dahlia Rides The Firebird