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Headfirst "The Complete Recordings: 1987-1992"

In 1987, the alternative scene was dead, punk rock was becoming passe, hardcore was charging full steam ahead, heavy metal was the norm and speed metal was just starting to make an impact. It was during this volatile musical time in Orange County, CA that Headfirst was conceived. Serving as a marker of OC's hardcore history, this collection of the band's entire studio output lays out the timeline of the band's growth and progression as they begin to come into themselves.

Track Listing:

1. Intervention
2. Black
3. Come Together
4. Mind Of Man
5. Falling
6. Images
7. Word Not Heard
8. Unkind
9. Driving The Salt
10. Now Who's Alone?
11. Crayon
12. The Enemy
13. Ode/Falling II
14. Stand
15. Self Edge
16. Silent Scream
17. Back In Control
18. Jack Of All Fads
19. What I See
20. Silent Scream
21. Self Edge
22. Another Day
23. Tear
24. Jack Of All Fads
25. Look To Me
26. What I See
27. Alone In A Crowd
28. See The Hate
29. Walk The Line
30. Stepping Out
31. Hypocrites
32. Can't Look Back
33. Vermin
34. Hard Times