Rescued From Life Records


Hatred Surge "Deconstruct"

Texas grindmasters Hatred Surge cough up another heavy-hitting record 17-tracks deep with members of Mammoth Grinder in tow. Trading off male and female vocals, they blaze at unrelenting speed, demonstrating blast-beat precision and guitar-shredding destruction.

Track Listing:

1. Deconstruct Pt. 1
2. Weightless
3. Draw The Curtains
4. Skull Cell
5. Dark Circles
6. The Slithering
7. Outsider
8. Rotten To Forgotten
9. Maladjusted
10. Deconstruct Pt. 2
11. Out Of Balance
12. Feeding
13. Big Smile
14. Sleep Terrorizer
15. Lethal Pedigree
16. I Hate
17. Infinity