Iron Lung Records


Hatred Surge "Human Overdose"


Hatred Surge had been around for a while but only released a full-length when they were truly ready. Now after nearly 10 years of being out of print, "Human Overdose" is back and with retouched artwork (still featuring all the things you liked from before but now way sicker looking). This back-to-basics, three-piece phase, which ended up being the final and best lineup of the band, saw a more apparent death-metal influence but still retained the grinding/violence stylings they were known and loved for. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Figurehead
2. Psychonaut
3. Hierarchy
4. Inoculation
5. Body
6. Four Walls
7. Skinjob
8. Suicide Mission
9. Delta Nine
10. God Complex
11. Jacob's Ladder
12. Human Overdose