Neon Taste Records


Gripe "Como Acabar Contigo Mismo"


Gripe hails from Santiago, Chile, and plays hardcore served up just the way we like it. Each track is short with no time left to fall into frills, breakdowns, or other energy saps. Just pure, unadulterated punk music with a vocalist that sounds like he collapses after each track lets up.

Track Listing:

1. No Me Importa
2. No Te Metas Conmigo
3. Accion Patetica
4. Relacion Electrica
5. Forzado
6. Lo Eche A Perder
7. La Sociedad Es Un Hoyo
8. Rencor
9. Posicion Fatal
10. Matar (demo)
11. Sobrecarga (demo)
12. Desconfinamiento (demo)
13. No Aguantas (demo)
14. Torres (demo)