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Grimple "Up Your Ass"

Grimple "Up Your Ass" is a classic East Bay punk album of melodic hardcore, originally released in 1993 by legendary punk photographer Murray Bowles and Eric Yee on their M&E record label. This album was recorded by legendary Lookout Records producer Kevin Army, and was painstakingly remastered by John Golden, who mastered the original pressing. This new version replicated the original, with slight changes to the lyric sheet and an additional printed, inner-sleeve of band photos by Murray. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Vivisick
2. Think
3. All Grown Up
4. I'm Not Gonna Stop
5. Bushanomics
6. Walls Of Shit
7. Energy
8. Please Come In
9. A Fucked Up Beautiful Day
10. Problem
11. Violent Fuk
12. But If You Weren't Here
13. Could've Been
14. Blood Gutter
15. Grimple Up Your Ass