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Grimple/Logical Nonsense "A Darker Shade Of Grey (Split)"


Originally released in 1994 by photographer Murray Bowles and Filth bassist Lenny Johnson's collaborative East Bay Menace label, this split combined two of New Mexico's fiercest hardcore bands on one split full-length. It has been remixed by Noah Landis from Neurosis/Christ On Parade and re-mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. The packaging is true to the original but has been painstakingly recreated with slight upgrades, including a new 11" x 22" insert with band photos and lyrics.

Track Listing:

1. Grimple - Layed Back
2. Grimple - Infierno
3. Grimple - PC
4. Grimple - Darker Shade Of Grey
5. Grimple - Crucified
6. Grimple - System Fukers
7. Grimple - Forever Fuked
8. Grimple - Dethroned Emperor
9. Grimple - No Return
10. Logical Nonsense - Legion
11. Logical Nonsense - Razed
12. Logical Nonsense - A Reigning
13. Logical Nonsense - Before The Act
14. Logical Nonsense - Pig's Blood Blues
15. Logical Nonsense - The Crushing