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Gregg H. Turner "Hallucinations From Hell: Confessions Of An Angry Samoan" - Book

As one of the founding members of the seminal punk band the Angry Samoans, Gregg H. Turner has seen his fair share of weird shit. From his time at Creem Magazine in the early 1970s to the formation of the Angry Samoans in Los Angeles, CA, and all the travels, trials, and tribulations that occurred after, Turner takes us through a wild ride of stories he's heard, stories he's lived, and stories he may or may not have made up. With illustrations by Emmy and Klein award-winning illustrator Gary Panter, as well as illustrations and art by Mindy Turner and Dave Lebow, "Hallucinations From Hell: Confessions Of An Angry Samoan" is an onslaught of a book that will appeal to any reader who loves a good story.