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Green Day "39/Smooth"

Green Day's first album "39/Smooth" is back. Originally released in 1990, this album was the world's first glimpse of Green Day's unique blend of punk rock energy, melodic riffs and self-deprecating charm. It includes not one, but two 7" singles. Now available again on vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. At The Library With Waba Se Wasca
2. Don't Leave Me
3. I Was There
4. Disappearing Boy
5. Green Day
6. Going To Pasalacqua
7. 16
8. Road To Acceptance
9. Rest
10. The Judges Daughter
11. Paper Lanterns (bonus track)
12. Why Do You Want Him? (bonus track)
13. 409 In Your Coffeemaker (bonus track)
14. Knowledge (bonus track)
15. 1,000 Hours (bonus track)
16. Dry Ice (bonus track)
17. Only Of You (bonus track)
18. The One I Want (bonus track)
19. I Want To Be Alone (bonus track)