Vitriol Records


Graf Orlock "Destination Time Yesterday"

Graf Orlock is a cinema-grind band from California who weaves an intricate mesh of conceptual brutality. Through the vehicle of late-'80s and early-'90s action films, Graf Orlock creates a potent social commentary in a theme that permeates lyricism and live shows. Their release (originally on Level Plane Records), "Destination Time Yesterday," explored a wide range of critical topics through the medium of concise, intense, and aesthetically rhythmic songs, coming to fruition in a chaotic sensory barrage. Now available again on vinyl with updated artwork.

Track Listing:

1. Tactical Destruction
2. 50 Year Storm
3. Not Economically Viable
4. Improvement Society
5. Dutch And The Demon
6. Prove It
7. Massacre!/Main Title
8. Captives Of The Thuggee
9. Rotten Kid
10. Hauser
11. Personal Stuff
12. Panic At The Galleria
13. Border Crossing
14. Marmot
15. A Chat With The Pentagon