SideOneDummy Records


Gogol Bordello "Super Taranta!: 15th Anniversary Edition"


SideOneDummy presents the 15th anniversary edition of Gogol Bordello's "Super Taranta!" It includes re-imagined gatefold artwork, all-new tracklist sequencing handpicked by frontman Eugene Hutz, two previously unreleased tracks, and a 10" x 10" poster.

Track Listing:

1. Wonderlust King
2. Zina-Marina
3. My Strange Uncles From Abroad
4. Supertheory Of Supereverything
5. Harem In Tuscany (Taranta)
6. Dub The Frequencies Of Love
7. Tribal Connection
8. Forces Of Victory
9. Alcohol
10. Suddenly... (I Miss Carpaty)
11. Ultimate
12. Your Country
13. American Wedding
14. Super Taranta!
15. God Of Sameness (bonus track)
16. Stivali E Colbacco (bonus track)