Glitterer "Life Is Not A Lesson"


Washington, DC, resident and northeastern Pennsylvania native Ned Russin co-fronted Title Fight for many years before the band suspended operations and Russin became Glitterer. With roomier drums and more electric guitars per-square-inch than ever, "Life Is Not A Lesson" has a way of evoking an alternate-universe version of Guided By Voices, one with a hardcore-punk background. Lyrically, as with the prior catalog, many of the songs on the new record are short, dialectical considerations of the countless daily, miniature panic attacks that attend the rigorously examined life.

Track Listing:

1. Bodies
2. Are You Sure?
3. Try Harder Still
4. Little Backwards Glance
5. How A Song Should Go
6. The End
7. Didn't Want It
8. Indeed
9. Birdsong
10. I Made The Call
11. Fire
12. Life Is Not A Lesson