King Of The Monsters


Gehenna "Upon The Gravehill"


In 2004, King Of The Monsters was proud to present the triumphant return of one of hardcore's most notorious and vicious bands. After releasing records on A389, CrimethInc, Crawlspace, and Area 51, Gehenna returned with another devastating blast of uncompromising, metallic hardcore that is as ugly as it is sincere. No punches pulled music that is a sonic bombardment appealing to fans of Unruh, Catharsis, and Enewetak. Now available again on colored vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. To Lay To Waste
2. No One Will Ever Miss You
3. Sadist
4. My Survival
5. Mescalinpsychosis
6. The Voice Of Destruction
7. Spiraling Into My Demise
8. I Made You
9. Trample This Earth
10. Upon The Gravehill