Puke N Vomit Records


GBH "City Baby Attacked By Rats"


The band's debut album is the near-perfect example of what happened after the promise of 1977 punk and post-punk petered out: faster, fuzzier tempos that incorporated lightning-fast guitar licks, and a greater volume to put the point across. The mingling of Marshall stacks and "screw you" attitudes lead to the creation of one the best UK punk/hardcore albums of all-time. The PNV version features deluxe, loaded packaging: newly re-designed, heavy gatefold sleeves, liner notes, extensive period photos, and poster.

Track Listing:

1. Time Bomb
2. Sick Boy
3. Wardogs
4. Slut
5. Maniac
6. Gunned Down
7. I Am The Hunted
8. City Baby Attacked By Rats
9. The Prayer Of A Realist
10. Passenger On The Menu
11. Heavy Discipline
12. Boston Babies
13. Bellend Bop