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Gameface "Unpunk (Grey)" - T-Shirt


Everyone's definition of, or qualification for being "punk," is different. Gameface came up in the Orange Country hardcore scene in the early-'90s playing music that was difficult to define by punk and hardcore fans. Some made it a point to remind the band that they weren't punk. The punkest thing Gameface did was to really lean into it. Gameface's Jeff Caudill scribbled this design on a napkin and brought it to the Network Sound warehouse and there, label co-owner Dennis Remsing put it together on the computer. A pretty nice collaboration from a couple future graphic designers. If Gameface had a dollar for every time someone told them their music wasn't punk they'd probably be able to give these shirts away for free. You couldn't avoid seeing this shirt at an OC show in the mid-'90s. Now you can pretend you were there. Just don't pretend you were punk.

Gameface "Unpunk" t-shirt on grey, 100% cotton, Gildan 2000 shirts.