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Gameface "Three To Get Ready"


In 1995, struggling to recover from the tragic death of their original drummer, Southern California's Gameface created their most beloved album, solidifying a place in the underground music scene. With heart-on-sleeve lyrics and infectious melodies, "Three To Get Ready" connected with fans on an emotional level, crossing genres from pop punk to emo to rock, and remains a mid-'90s classic. This long out-of-print full-length is back as a remastered, expanded, 25th-anniversary edition - including the B-sides from their "A Day In June" 7" plus an alternate recording of "Time After Time" featuring a very young and less famous Gwen Stefani on backing vocals - all in newly updated gatefold packaging.

Track Listing:

1. Start Me Over
2. Ten Blue Sticks
3. Greentree
4. Guess What
5. Three
6. Only Chance We Get
7. June
8. Thrift (bonus track)
9. Song
10. The Big Deal
11. Gibberish
12. Daylight Savings
13. Undone
14. Home
15. Fun (bonus track)
14. Time After Time (alternate version) (bonus track)