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Gameface "Cupcakes"


Gameface's "Cupcakes" is back on vinyl and bursting with bonus material. Side A of this full-length includes the original, five-song EP from 1997 plus a bonus track. Side B is all acoustic and features Jeff Caudill's 2001 "Gameface Acoustic" EP (originally released on C.I. Records) for the first time ever on vinyl, plus another bonus acoustic track.

Track Listing:

1. Cupcakes
2. Only Souvenir
3. Somebody Save This Boy
4. Chasing The Sun
5. House
6. Doctor My Eyes (bonus track)
7. Somebody Save This Boy (alternate version)
8. Daylight Savings
9. Hey Radio
10. Friday Matinee
11. Laughable
12. Only Souvenir (alternate version) (bonus track)