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Gameface "Always On"

Very few bands have been able to combine the best elements of punk, hardcore, emo and pop to make something simpler, something all their own. Orange County's Gameface has been perfecting just such a style since 1990 and have never looked back. There's good reason why Gameface have been credited with influencing so many of today's younger, successful bands (ie: Saves The Day, A New Found Glory, etc). Gameface's history can be traced through their four 7" singles, four full length releases, and split EP along with over six US tours and two of Europe. 1999 saw the return of Gameface with the release of "Every Last Time" after a three year break between full-lengths, the album was embraced by fans old and new right out of the box and the single "My Star" was played on radio and video shows everywhere. Their latest opus, "Always On", shows a maturation that can only come with experience. "Always On" is a ten track collection of the emotional, melodic rock that Gameface has become known for and somehow improve upon.

Track Listing:

1. Laughable
2. The Warmest Heart Attack
3. Angels On The Wing
4. Balance
5. Anyone Can Write A Song
6. New Landscaping
7. Robots
8. Accidental Clarity
9. The Problem With Me
10. Awkward Age