Run For Cover Records


Fury "Failed Entertainment"


"Failed Entertainment" examines vast, philosophical inquiries throughout its 11 tracks. Rather than the short, intense bursts of energy that 2016's "Paramount" delivered, songs here are given more space to contort in strange, new shapes. Harnessing this chaos and ferocity is at the center of the theme of "Failed Entertainment," which is authenticity in every possible moment: to investigate grief devoid of melodrama, to urge political change off the soapbox, to examine everything in sight without grandiose diagnosis.

Track Listing:

1. Angels Over Berlin
2. Goodtime
3. Vacation
4. America
5. Inevitable Need To Reach Out
6. Birds Of Paradise
7. Mono No Aware
8. Lost In The Funhouse
9. New Years Days
10. New Years Eve (Melbourne)
11. Crazy Horses Run Free