No Idols


Final Conflict "1985 Demo"


In the history of Southern California hardcore punk, the demo tape recorded by Final Conflict in 1985 is considered an important artifact. Heavily inspired by the UK's Discharge as well as their neighbors from the northern part of the state Crucifix, the band produced a cassette containing the kind of blazing riffs and politically charged lyrics many punks thought were over and done after being abandoned by the previous, spiky-haired generation. No Idols is proud to present the Final Conflict demo from 1985 in its original cassette format accompanied by all its original artwork and lyric sheet. Hand-numbered out of 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Apocalypse Now
2. One Answer
3. Guns Forever
4. Self Pity
5. Death Is Certain
6. What Kind Of Future?
7. Outcasts
8. Private War
9. Political Glory
10. Crucifixion
11. More Beer!
12. Selfrighteous Pigs
13. Resist!
14. You Never Were
15. Central America