Back On Black


Extreme Noise Terror "A Holocaust In Your Head: The Original Holocaust"


Back On Black re-package and re-issue "A Holocaust In Your Head: The Original Holocaust," the debut album by crust-punk veterans Extreme Noise Terror. Never was a band and its first album both so suitably named as Extreme Noise Terror and their seminal debut full-length, 1989's "A Holocaust In Your Head: The Original Holocaust." Simply put, this is one of the key releases of both the crust-punk and grindcore genres, redefining British music's known limits of sonic extremity with its remorseless aggression, blinding speed, and none-more-raw recording. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Deceived
2. We The Helpless
3. Murderer
4. Raping The Earth
5. Use Your Mind
6. Take The Strain
7. Conned Thru Life
8. Show Us You Care
9. Life In A Dream
10. Innocence To Ignorance
11. If You're Only In It For The Money (S.O.D. Off)
12. Statement
13. Bullshit Propaganda
14. Carry On Screaming
15. Tear It Down
16. What A State