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Explosions In The Sky "The Rescue: Anniversary Edition"

"The Rescue" is commonly referred to as Explosions In The Sky's "secret album," mostly due to the fact that since its initial limited mailorder-only CD release in 2005, it has never been made commercially available on any format, in any store, anywhere in the world. The record was pressed onto audiophile-quality, 100% virgin vinyl at Record Technology Inc. and is packaged in a full-color jacket with a full-color, heavyweight inner-sleeve featuring the hand-written story of "The Rescue" as told by the band upon its completion in 205. This is the long-overdue, definitive presentation of a rare but requisite piece of Explosions In The Sky's remarkable history. LP includes MP3 download.

Track Listing:

1. Day One
2. Day Two
3. Day Three
4. Day Four
5. Day Five
6. Day Six
7. Day Seven
8. Day Eight