Extinction Burst Records


Esperanza "1998-2001"


Esperanza was a short-lived band from the Los Angeles/Victorville, CA, area who took their influence of '80s, Washington, DC, hardcore and crafted 11 songs that are presented here through their complete studio recordings compiled on one release. Esperanza was important for many reasons, chief among them the ability to identify and delineate serious problems rooted in immediate experiences and connecting them to larger socio-political phenomenon, while doing it in a time of relative comfort. One of the last hardcore punk bands out of Southern California before the Y2K takeover, whose members went on to become professors, scholars, builders, and DJs. LP includes a 20-page booklet.

Track Listing:

1. Lessons From Rampart
2. Next In Line
3. Identity Through Consumption
4. No Faith
5. We'll Be The First To Stab You In The Back
6. Closed Doors
7. We'll Never Bow
8. 21st Reason To Kill Pete Wilson
9. Never Say Shit
10. Thriving Off Our Misery
11. Today's Lesson Plan