Revelation Records


End Of A Year Self Defense Family "Sincerely"

As part of the Albany music scene well known for its hardcore and metal, and veterans of heavy bands themselves, End Of A Year wanted to take it in a different direction. Inspired by the Revolution Summer period of the Washington, D.C. hardcore scene (ie. Rites Of Spring, Marginal Man, Gray Matter), End Of A Year decided that it is possible to be loud and honest while being tuneful. The music became a natural outgrowth of that position - melodic and, at times, pleasant but always gritty and married to a punk sensibility.

Track Listing:

1. The Browns
2. Timeshares
3. Beleaders
4. Darnel
5. Harrison...
6. Midwest
7. Anxiety II
8. Bad Land Deals
9. You Better Work
10. Escrow
11. Above Ground Pools