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Elliott Smith "Either/Or"


Originally released in 1997, the highly acclaimed "Either/Or," the third album from Elliott Smith and his last written and recorded in Portland, OR, broke through to a larger international audience. With richer instrumentation and songs that pushed past the boundaries of his previous releases, "Either/Or" presented Smith at his most dichotomous. The final chapter of his first period as a solo artist, "Either/Or" remains a cornerstone of folk/pop melancholia with aftershocks felt to this day. Now available again on vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Speed Trials
2. Alameda
3. Ballad Of Big Nothing
4. Between The Bars
5. Pictures Of Me
6. No Name No.5
7. Rose Parade
8. Punch And Judy
9. Angeles
10. Cupid's Trick
11. 2:45 AM
12. Say Yes