Revelation Records


Elliott "Photorecording"

Photorecording serves as not only a live studio album recorded directly after their last performance, but also as a never before seen DVD documentary of their last tour. The 2 disc set compiles the aforementioned recording and documentary as well as bonus footage of live shows during the last two years of ELLIOTT's existence. Anyone who is familiar with the band will tell you that the live show is the true beauty behind ELLIOTT, garnering them a spot amongst the most revered live acts of this generation. The shows not only complemented their prolific recordings, but also enriched the experience for even the most casual fans of ELLIOTT to miss their live show would be considered a crime.

Track Listing:

1. Away We Drift
2. Drive Onto Me
3. Dionysus Burning
4. Blessed By Your Own Ghost
5. Calm Americans
6. Shallow Like Your Breath
7. Drag Like Pull
8. Bleed In Breathe Out
9. Drive
10. Believe
11. Carry On
12. This Program Is Not Responding
13. Leona
14. Intro To False Cathedrals