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Elder "Lore"

Joining the interplay of heaviness and melody which has become the hallmark Elder sound is a host of new meanderings through uncharted kosmische territory; krautrock, prog as well as classic heavy rock and doom can all be heard unfolding throughout the record's five songs. By giving equal credence to riffs and atmosphere, "Lore" bypasses genre constraints, the group's penchant for progressive songwriting and melody shining more brightly than ever. Nick DiSalvo states that Colour Haze and Dungen are "bands that have really influenced the methodology or the philosophy behind the new direction." While Elder's sound is now much more evolved and varied, it is still consistently based around rock and metal, originally influenced by such heavy landmark bands as Black Sabbath, Sleep and Electric Wizard. 2xLP includes free download.

Track Listing:

1. Compendium
2. Legend
3. Lore
4. Deadweight
5. Spirit At Aphelion