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Dying Wish "Symptoms Of Survival"


Dying Wish is the unrelenting and unforgiving sound of struggle, an extreme metallic-hardcore band infused with a punk spirit. "Symptoms Of Survival," the band's 2023 sophomore album, is an 11-song, savage, pummeling assault against personal trauma and society at large. Dying Wish aligns with the continuing battle for liberation, encompassing the issues affecting BIPOC, the environment, and more intersectional causes while dealing in personal struggle and trauma in equal measure.

Track Listing:

1. Symptoms Of Survival
2. Watch My Promise Die
3. Starved
4. Prey For Me
5. Path To Your Grave
6. Paved In Sorrow
7. Tongues Of Lead
8. Kiss Of Judas
9. Hell's Final Blessing
10. Torn From Your Silhouette
11. Lost In The Fall