Armageddon Label


Dropdead "Demos 1991"

This full-length compiles the first and second demos plus one compilation track all recorded in 1991. Raw, primitive versions of songs that the band started with and slowly developed into tracks for the early EPs and first LP, plus a couple relevant covers. All in all, a rough, noisy, and raw document from the early days. Now available again on CD.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Unjustified Murder
3. At The Cost Of An Animal
4. Doorway To Extinction
5. Direct Action
6. Wound Runs Deep
7. Power
8. Ignorant
9. The Circle Complete
10. Attention
11. Confused
12. Easy Way Out
13. Follow Blindly
14. Protest
15. Chosen Path
16. In The Name
17. War System
18. Is This Life
19. Do You Choose Life
20. Fucking Assholes
21. Strength In Your Conviction
22. Deliver Yourself
23. Legacy Of Death
24. Only A Fool
25. Survival
26. Pliers
27. Black Diamond Outro