Sudden Death Records


DOA "Something Better Change: 40th Anniversary Edition"


Sudden Death Records and DOA have gone back in time and restored one of punk's seminal albums, "Something Better Change," and reissued it on vinyl for it's 40th anniversary. One also gets the original lyric sheet insert and the original fold-out insert with pics of Joey Shithead, Chuck Biscuits, Randy Rampage, and Dave Gregg.

Track Listing:

1. New Age
2. The Enemy
3. 2+2
4. Get Out Of My Life
5. Woke Up Screaming
6. Last Night
7. Thirteen
8. Great White Hope
9. The Prisoner
10. Rich Bitch
11. Take A Chance
12. Whatcha Gonna Do?
13. World War 3
14. New Wave Sucks