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Disfear "Soul Scars"

Alongside bands like Wolfpack and Totalitar, Disfear was one of the bands at the forefront of the metallic, Swedish crust scene of the 1990s. The band built upon the D-beating madness of Discharge and added elements of the country's death-metal masters Entombed and Dismember to bring forth a heavy, fast, and at times melodic brand of hardcore. This ferocious record is back in print on vinyl since its initial release in 1995.

Track Listing:

1. Soul Scars
2. Left To Die
3. The Ultimate Disaster
4. To Hell And Back
5. Weak
6. Sobriety
7. The Price Of Ignorance
8. All This Fear
9. Do As You're Told
10. The True Face Of War
11. Grim Reality
12. After The Revival
13. Anxious
14. Disavowed